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About Me

Hi! My name is Joris Raaijman, event photographer and based in Arnhem (Netherlands). I’m driven to capture the most captivating events this planet has to offer. With passion, a sharp eye for detail and a style that consists of colourful and energetic visuals I’m able to catch just the right moments. I believe creativity is the result of great teamwork and that’s the reason why I see great value in the relationship between me and my clients.

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Customer experience

Working with Joris is nothing but great vibes! This guy is really an amazing person to be around with. What really makes it special tough is his amazing talent in shooting incredibly impressive photos. He delivers so quickly after the job, and truly ables the client to choose from a great selection of amazing photos, all edited on a very high level. Nothing but love for Joris! X Bram

Bram Fidder


‘A few years ago I saw some really impressive event pictures on Facebook. The guy behind it turned out to be Joris Raaijman. Since that moment he is my number 1 photographer and I’m always assured with great footage of my events. Besides this I love to see how enthusiastic and passionate he is. 100 percent recommended!!!’

Bart van de Pol

Owner, Los! Amsterdam

I like to work with Joris as a photographer. Next to the fact that he is a really nice person he knows how to shoot good pictures. There are lots of party photographers that constantly shoot the same positioned pictures, but Joris is different in that way. He distinguishes himself from all the others. He pays attention to the details and specialities of the party and he knows how to bring them into pictures. He takes nice pictures of people whenever they do not notice it, he is able to catch the moment of the party in a picture. To capture the reality without manipulation is an art and a job on its own.

Stefano Richetta

Owner, CLiCK & DOK Amsterdam

I have worked with Joris for a few years now. On most of our events. Joris is a true creative professional at heart. Awesome work, stunning pictures, fast, dependable and just a fun guy to work with!

Gerwin Beuling

UDC Events